Energy & Infrastructure

Markets at the forefront of our UK and our global economies.

The energy and infrastructure markets lead the way on technology, attract investment and touch and concern every aspect of our businesses and daily lives.  Energy and infrastructure are also naturally intertwined – energy needs infrastructure and vice versa.

Looking to the future and our economies post-Covid 19, there are huge opportunities for the energy and infrastructure sectors, as the UK’s Government and those of other nations focus on investment and fiscal stimuli necessary for economic recovery.

In terms of the green economy and decarbonisation, energy and infrastructure are also at the forefront of exciting projects driving this unprecedented focus, such as energy storage, EV and new power generation.

Why choose Foot Anstey

Energy and Infrastructure is an area in which we are not just commentators, but expert participators working on some of the first, the largest and the most innovative energy and infrastructure projects of their kind, both in the UK and in the international arena.

As one of our core business sectors, our view is also about infrastructure in a broader sense – from the roads, runways and railways that connect our cities, to the spaceports and the satellite and geospatial technologies that enable us to communicate globally.

Our Energy and Infrastructure experts have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that you face in an ever-changing market.  Whether you are negotiating supply chains, assessing and managing risk, adapting to technology, the digital economy, dealing with people, safety, planning and environmental considerations, or procuring access to land and to funding, we can be a key part of your delivery team, providing cost-effective legal advice.

Our connections

With an extensive network – from policy makers to big six suppliers and a wide range of funders – one of our core strengths is the ability to make relevant introductions to help provide you with collaborative solutions.

We are one of the few UK-based law firms who embrace meaningful collaborations and co-counselling with other law firms (including those in the UK’s ‘magic circle’ and on an international basis), meaning our clients always get the best athlete for the role at the right cost point, without the perceived downside of appointing multiple lawyers.

Together, we can power your ambitions.

Related services


The UK’s Energy requirements are high on the government’s agenda, with policy under constant review making for a continuously transitioning market.

Our team can provide you with energy legal advice from the moment you start thinking about a new project all the way through to its completion.

Projects, Infrastructure & Construction

All business ventures and activities are risky but none more so than in the fields of major projects, infrastructure and construction.

We get to know you, inside and out, so that together we can assess, manage and navigate the path through risk to success.

Space and Satellite

Ensuring you have the right legal advisors on board to get your project off the ground


Development has an ever-changing landscape.

We advise not only on all aspects of the development life-cycle but also on our developer clients’ general corporate and commercial needs.


Transport and mobility is integral to society and there is a growing need to develop a transformational national transport policy that places the needs of the consumer at its centre.

We are able to provide you with invaluable insight on sustainable transport policy, mobility planning and the delivery of projects.


Having the right people in the right place, displaying the right behaviours through the right processes can be just as hard as it sounds.

Our experienced team of experts are able to provide you with timely, commercial advice for day-to-day advice to project support.

Real Estate

The world of real estate is changing fast. The way we construct, operate, invest in and use property has been transformed.

At Foot Anstey, we have the in-depth understanding to help you navigate this rapidly changing market.

Modern Methods of Construction

The next generation housing stock will involve modern methods of construction or MMC. No matter how it is defined, the collective term covers a number of innovative construction practices and methods which allow project briefs to be realised like never before.

Our cross sector team advise funders, developers, suppliers and public sector bodies (including housing associations) on all aspects of MMC.


Technology is at the heart of the way businesses interact, communicate, manage staff and position themselves in the market place. 

Our technology team can add value by engaging with you on business and technology strategy as well as simply advising on legal issues.

Data, privacy and information security

The way we live, buy, travel and are entertained – indeed all aspects of our lives – have been transformed by technological and digital advances.

We understand the commercial possibilities of data and seek to support you with the delivery of your data-related business strategy.

Real Estate Finance

Profits, in Real Estate investment, are made at the margins. That means an effective response to acquisition or disposal opportunities must include a sharp eye for detail.

When you’re ready to move, our team is ready to back you.


Public bodies are under increasing pricing pressure to procure smartly and in a cost effective manner.

Our team of expert lawyers can operate on both sides of the procurement process, for contracting authorities and for bidding parties.

Environmental issues

Climate change presents some of the toughest questions for business.

Our edge as environmental lawyers is our experience of feeding into policymaking in Parliament, government and local authorities.


Planning law is the gateway to property development. It’s the vital first step for building projects no matter what size.

Working with decision-makers at the key levels, we use our years of experience in planning law to seek out answers which work for you.

Our People

Our core team draws on a range of specialisms within Foot Anstey, utilising a ‘one team’ approach and is deeply entrenched in the energy and infrastructure market. From funding to environmental considerations, our team collaborates closely with you and your business to support the delivery of your strategy.