Planning for the future is a challenge

But understanding what is possible can resolve many uncertainties years in advance. If your legacy is the key to providing for your loved ones after you’ve passed away, it’s essential and that’s where our Will writing solicitors come in.

If there are business interests to account for, having the correct legal expertise involved in drafting your Will can ensure that your gift reaches its fullest potential.

Likewise, those left to deal with obtaining the grant of probate after the passing of a loved one can find it a challenging task with a heavy burden of administration. Having trusted legal advisors involved ahead of time will result in a streamlined estate that’s fit for purpose.

Our services

Administration of estates

Administering an estate can bring many complexities, from taxation and reliefs, fractured family relationships, and the sheer volume of information that needs to be dealt. We can help.


Your Will is the last word on the plans for your estate, and that’s why it needs to be right. We’ll work with you to make sure it is.

Powers of attorney

Losing capacity can be devastating for both you and your family. Having a lasting power of attorney in place before that happens gives you the chance to decide who will care for your health and welfare, and your property and financial affairs. Speak to us today to make sure you are secure in the knowledge that your best interests will be met, even if you someday loses capacity.

Tax planning

Tax-efficiency means your loved ones can enjoy more of the gifts you’ve worked so hard to leave them. Our expert team understand how to structure your assets with the best result in mind, and we can help you achieve that aim.

Farming issues

It can be tough to ensure the correct reliefs are applied, and balance the interest of those working in the farm and those who are not as well as sorting the business issues of a farm.  We can help to make sure matters are structured to achieve your wishes.

Heritage matters

We can assist with art and chattels where conditional exemptions apply, as well looking at items in lieu.

Why choose Foot Anstey?

At Foot Anstey, we know the pressure that comes with deciding the shape of your legacy. Sizeable estates can include complicating factors like businesses, overseas assets and funds held in trust. Our team are experienced in the complexities that accompany high net-worth individuals, and we’ll help you to get a clear picture of your financial situation, and how that fits into the UK’s guidelines around taxation and inheritance.

If your estate includes a farm, our agriculture team can help with questions around the resolution of farming partnerships, taxation and reliefs, and balancing the interests of children both inside and out of the business.

Our people

Working with our team, you’ll have a specialist partner on-hand to answer any queries using straight-forward language that leaves you in control. Our team will also draw on the other expertise within Foot Anstey where collaboration is needed and can work with your accountant, financial advisor and land agent to offer a holistic service.

The most important aspect of a legacy is that it does what you want it to do, and for our results-driven team, that’s the key objective.

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