Disputes are an inevitable part of any business

They also create a distraction that takes you away from what you do best and where you need to be. Ranging from day to day commercial disagreements through to business critical claims, each dispute will require its own unique response. This is where we can help.

Whatever the dispute concerns, businesses need agile advisors who truly understand their business. Our award-winning dispute resolution team understand that your priority is to focus on your business whilst we deal with the dispute for you.

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Dispute Resolution for Private Equity

The Private Equity market in the UK is continuing to see very high levels of activity. More than ever, there is constant scrutiny on the performance of portfolio companies.

In that context, and as for any business, disputes are an unfortunate inevitability, introducing unwanted risk, cost and stress.

Our specialist team of Dispute Resolution lawyers are on hand to help our corporate clients to navigate these hurdles.  We can de-escalate and manage risk at any stage of a dispute, and provide tailored, specialist support and advice in line with your commercial objectives.

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Fraud is big business. It costs the UK economy over £100 billion a year. It creates holes in your finances. It sows distrust among your colleagues and partners.

The thread of fraud will never cease. Which is why we’ll always be ready to act.

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Inheritance and Trust Disputes

When there are issues with family inheritance or trusts you’re involved with, it can be a stressful and challenging time.

At Foot Anstey, we help by giving you actionable advice and recommendations on what’s best for you.

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As a charity, you rely on your legacy team to maintain a steady flow of vital funding into your organization.

Our team work with you strategically whilst supporting you on day-to-day challenges.

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Public bodies are under increasing pricing pressure to procure smartly and in a cost-effective manner.

Our team of expert lawyers can operate on both sides of the procurement process, for contracting authorities and for bidding parties.

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Professional Negligence

In situations where professional advice is necessary, it’s essential that the advice received is correct and can be relied upon to achieve your desired outcome. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and the service provided can sometimes fall below what was agreed.

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Reputation Management

Your brand and reputation is one of your most important assets and needs to be protected.

Our expert tea can provide you with the best possible response to any reputation management scenario you face.

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Why choose Foot Anstey?

Disputes are at the heart of what we do and we are experts in assessing the risks your business faces and tactically advising on the best way to deal with a dispute. By understanding your strategic aims we approach matters with dispute avoidance in mind, while also being there to pick up the pieces if things go wrong. Our experts explain what we think you should do and make sure that you achieve the best result at the right time.

We have a proven track record in pursuing, defending and resolving business claims. Our clients range from large multinationals and financial institutions through to local owner-managed businesses and SMEs and we advise regularly on both domestic and international disputes.

In all cases we understand the cost risks imposed by litigation and have adopted a flexible and innovative approach to pricing, working closely with funders and insurers to provide workable and effective solutions to our business clients.

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Our team of expert dispute resolution lawyers are here to help and are experienced in dealing with complex, high-level matters.

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What do our clients say?

“They worked with us as a team to ensure the claim progressed smoothly and efficiently, taking account of our aims, objectives and experiences and always keeping a firm eye on the end game.”

Chambers UK 2020

“(The team) became an expert on the issue, which was very technical, and was able to summarise key issues from a mass of data and show commendable sensitivity when dealing with those of a non-legal background.”

Chambers UK 2020

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