Our Services

Across all our service lines we provide commercially-savvy, expert legal advice that is easily integrated and actionable in your world.

General Counsel services

Our General Counsel services model takes a unique approach to working with you and helping you to address the challenges that life as a GC brings.


Commercially sensitive advice for the intranational market

Public Sector

The public sector has changed significantly over the past decade as it contends with an ever changing political context.

National Charity Legal Services

We recognise that, more than ever right now, charities need to boost money coming in and keep a close eye on the amounts going out.

Fraud & Data Crime

Fraud is big business. It costs the UK economy over £100 billion a year.

Media & Entertainment

Keeping control of owned creative content – and the data which make it profitable – is a constant challenge. It is impossible without a profound understanding of media law.

Services for Private Clients


Relationships can be complicated and involve a myriad of other factors in your life. From personal wealth and ownership of property to business assets and issues involving children and members of the wider family, they often bring complex financial and legal challenges.

Farms, Estates and Rural land

We understand that agriculture and rural business is highly specialised, bringing its own set of unique commercial and legal challenges that are often quite distinct from those faced in other businesses.

Inheritance & Trust disputes

When there are issues with family inheritance or a trust you’re involved with, it can be a stressful and challenging time, often added to by the weight of preserving the delicate family relationships which can be so easily damaged by disagreements over a loved one’s estate.

UK Succession and Tax

In an uncertain economic and political climate protecting your personal wealth has never been so important.   Ever changing laws and legislation make it even more difficult to get the right plans in place.

International Succession and Tax

Managing and securing your private wealth can be complicated and when it comes to international matters, another layer of complexity is added.


Property is a subject that interests everyone and it often dominates media and political agendas as a result. The economic and political landscape means that the property market is constantly changing.

New Homes

Buying a new home is an exciting life event but it can feel overwhelming when you start the process. Our experienced New Homes Team are here to help you navigate the path to exchanging contracts and moving into your new home.

Wills & Probate

Planning for the future is a challenge, but understanding what is possible can resolve many uncertainties years in advance.