Fraud is big business. It costs the UK economy over £100 billion a year.

It creates holes in your finances. It sows distrust among your colleagues and partners. And it damages your reputation.

Ultimately, it can put your company out of business if you don’t deal with it in the right way. When fraud happens, you may need to deal with it very quickly. Time is often of the essence if you want to maximise your chances of protecting your position and ensuring that any damage is undone.

A specialist fraud lawyer is a must. That’s where we come in.

Why choose Foot Anstey

As fraud lawyers, we understand the disruptive nature of fraud. We know from experience how emotive it can be for you too, especially as many serious frauds are perpetrated by employees or business partners rather than strangers.

We also know that there are different stages where you might need support from a fraud lawyer and come to us for help. We break those stages down into Prevent, Respond and Cure.

Across all of these stages, if we can keep you out of the spotlight by avoiding formal claims or prosecutions, we will.

We will always weigh up the costs, risks and merits before advising you on the best strategy and can tailor our fee structures to help you manage cash flow and the cost risks associated with fraud claims.

The threat posed by fraudsters will never cease. This is why we’ll always be ready to act if you are the victim of fraud.


At the Prevent stage we work with you to make sure your business is as protected as it can be. We spot the gaps in your policies and systems and help you plug them before they become a problem.


We Respond to live fraud situations by focusing on the need to stop or limit any damage being suffered by your business, using our knowledge of the relevant financial and legal systems to your advantage.


Finally when it comes to Cure, our goal is to restore your business to its rightful position, whether through the courts or through robust negotiation with the perpetrators.

Fraud White Collar Crime

It costs the UK economy an estimated £100+ billion per year. And whilst it can take many forms, fraud almost always involves attempts to misappropriate assets or dishonestly gain a financial advantage.

A business or person faced with the occurrence of fraud or serious misconduct must deal with any number of commercial, legal and reputational issues. Our multi disciplinary team of fraud, white collar crime and regulatory lawyers provides a comprehensive and responsive service to help you navigate the way forward.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team of fraud lawyers, with extensive experience in pursuing and defending allegations of fraud through the civil, criminal and regulatory processes. You can read more about our individual experience on our profiles:

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