Foot Anstey launches 'Retail Matters' podcast series for retailers

The Retail & Consumer team at national law firm, Foot Anstey LLP, has launched a podcast series called 'Retail Matters' focused on tackling hot topics, such as the FCA's new consumer duty, retail in the metaverse and harassment in retail.

The first series of 'Retail Matters' will feature experienced advisors from across the law firm, as well as an array of experts on specialist matters.

The team at Foot Anstey has released its first episode titled 'Have you started thinking about the FCA's new consumer duty?' featuring Alan Hughes, Head of Retail Financial Services and Laura Autiero, Senior Associate at Foot Anstey. In the coming weeks, the law firm will record and release episodes on:

  • Retail in the metaverse - what is happening and what are the risks?
  • Supporting retail workers through the cost-of-living crisis
  • Reviewing energy strategy in the face of rising prices

In one of the next episodes of Foot Anstey's 'Retail Matters' podcast series it will focus on 'Harassment in retail' a topic the firm has explored and championed with the Retail Trust through its 'Retailers Against Harassment Certification' over the last year and a half. Just recently, Patrick Howarth, Partner, joined a panel at the Retail Trust Leaders' Summit event where he explored how to solve the intolerance epidemic facing retail staff, and how to best protect your colleagues when faced with abuse.

The podcast series is available on the Foot Anstey website or via streaming services, such as Spotify.

Nathan Peacey, Head of Retail and Consumer at Foot Anstey said: "Our first series of 'Retail Matters' focuses on key topics for the retail sector in 2023 and beyond. We are bringing specialists from across the firm together as well as external industry changemakers to give listeners insights and tools to better the retail sector. Should any listener want to know more I encourage them to get in touch with us and we can explore their issue in more detail."

To find out more about Foot Anstey's podcast series sector specialisms please visit Retail matters podcast | Foot Anstey or get in touch with the firm here

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