Private Wealth

Every decision you make about your personal affairs has the potential to affect not only you and your assets, but to have wide-ranging consequences for your family and your employees.

When you are time poor, the need for practical and commercially sensitive advice that enables you to protect the future as well as the present is paramount.

Maximising assets in a tax efficient way, protecting your business in growth or exit phases, or preserving assets for intergenerational transfers are all key to effective private wealth management. With experience and expertise in the UK and overseas, our private wealth specialists are ideally placed to help.

Why choose Foot Anstey

At Foot Anstey we recognise that private wealth is about more than just revenue or net worth and we use our experience and expertise to understand your business and your individual circumstances. We know that clients need to have full trust and confidence in an advisor when discussing their most personal situation with someone that they know will achieve the right outcome for them.

That’s why our award winning team is dedicated to getting to know you and developing long lasting relationships. Gaining that understanding means we are able to identify future risks, whilst helping to defend from any unforeseen circumstances and preserve your legacy.

Our private wealth lawyers are specialists in their fields no matter your situation and regardless of whether you need help with tax issues, complicated family matters or running your business. As a landowner,  business owner or high net worth individual, minimising disruption to you is key to achieving the right outcome and we use our expertise to make the process as smooth as possible, whether it’s a proactive plan or protecting you in case of unforeseen events.

We have a well-rounded practice that can guide you through any issues that may come up, and work collaboratively with other professional advisors both nationally and internationally to ensure that you always receive the best advice. We are able to truly offer you advice, over options and added-value, over added confusion and stress.

Related Services

UK Succession and Tax

In an uncertain economic and political climate protecting your personal wealth has never been so important. 

As a team of dedicated experts, rather than simply answering the question, we look to provide a wider solution and cut through the confusion with advice that is clear and concise.

International Succession and Tax

Managing and securing your private wealth can be complicated and when it comes to international matters, another layer of complexity is added. 

Our experienced, multi-lingual team is dedicated to providing specialist, high quality legal advice on international private wealth issues.

Entrepreneurial private companies

Throughout all stages of the business life cycle for entrepreneurial and private companies we understand there is great opportunity and reward that comes hand-in-hand with great pressure and risk points.

By being more than about pure transactions, we can help any EPC in every sector and every industry.


Property is a subject that interests everyone and it often dominates media and political agendas as a result. The economic and political landscape means that the property market is constantly changing.

As one of the largest teams in the UK, Foot Anstey’s conveyancing services team are experts in all aspects of this market.


Relationships can be complicated and involve a myriad of other factors in your life.

Whatever the problem, regardless of its complexity, we can advise you on which route is best for you.

Reputation Management

Your brand and reputation is one of your most important assets and needs to be protected.

Our expert team can provide you with the best possible response to any reputation management scenario you face.

Mental Capacity

Those with learning disabilities, dementia, or brain injury are left vulnerable to struggles with their independence, including financial matters.

Our sister firm, Enable Law, offers professional support that ensures your best interests are being met, even when a lack of capacity means you can no longer care for yourself.

Farms, Estates and Rural Land

We understand that agriculture and rural business is highly specialised, bringing its own set of unique commercial and legal challenges that are often quite distinct from those faced in other businesses.

We work collaboratively within the firm and with our clients’ other professional advisers to bring in expertise from all areas of agricultural law, ensuring the best legal and commercial solutions are achieved every time.

Inheritance and Trust disputes

When there are issues with family inheritance or trusts you’re involved with, it can be a stressful and challenging time.

At Foot Anstey, we help by giving you actionable advice and recommendations on what’s best for you.

Our people

Our team of experts and private wealth solicitors are here to help, using legal as well as emotional intelligence to provide advice that’s right for you.

What our clients say

"They can see the bigger picture and offer fully encompassing advice to get a pragmatic and sensible solution"

Chambers UK Guide, 2019/20

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