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We recognise that, more than ever right now, charities need to boost money coming in and keep a close eye on the amounts going out.

A partnership with a law firm should help you do more for less, give you cost certainty, and upskill and enable your own teams to do more of what you currently use external advisers for.

Why choose Foot Anstey?

Our approach in everything we do for national charities, is to focus on income optimisation.  For you this means a service which will:

  • – Generate income
  • – Get cash in more quickly
  • – Save you money
  • – Make your regular activities more efficient

What we do is contribute to your success. But how we do this also sets us apart. Innovative, accessible, and enjoyable to work with, you’ll find we will align with your culture and approach.

How we help our clients


We optimise your income by reducing your tribunal claims to below 50% of the national average – saving you money, time and legal fees.

Fixed price advice on day to day employee relations plus help with restructures, volunteers, HR policies, and management and culture change training.


We optimise your income by collaborating with you to find the best approach to managing your property assets in a cost-effective way which includes fixed fees and a technology platform for work undertaken on your property portfolio.

Our team advises on residential, commercial and rural land; helps manage your property portfolio (including specialist retail input); realises income from legacy properties; completes larger property transactions and provides problem solving advice in relation to property disputes.


We optimise your income by identifying efficiencies in the contract lifecycle – training, active management, monitoring using our technology solutions and early intervention will all save you money.

Regular activity for charities includes drafting and negotiating supplier contracts; working on IT projects; and advising on sponsorship, fundraising and marketing initiatives. We also provide cost effective solutions where additional resource is needed in your in-house legal team.


We optimise your income by protecting your IP and helping you with commercial opportunities where you wish to generate income from your brand

As well as managing trade mark portfolios and resolving contentious intellectual property issues, we work with clients on strategies for making the most of the commercial opportunities  their brand presents.

Disputes and Reputation

We optimise your income by helping you to use us less by training your teams to handle lower value disputes

Our work includes dealing with commercial contract disputes, exiting Joint Ventures, financial and fraud claims, defending regulatory breaches with particular expertise in managing the reputational issues arising from disputes


We optimise your income by improving the reach of services carried out by your fundraising teams.

We review and draft internal data policies and documentation, assist with disputes and complex SARs, and ensure website conditions are up to date and compliant.


We optimise your income by accelerating and maximising what you receive from legacies.

Our work involves providing external help or a complete outsourced model for your legacy administration tasks; handling disputes arising from legacy income; administering estates where your charity is appointed as the executor (or decides to take on the role of administrator) and providing a technology solution for monitoring all legacy cases providing you with a holistic view of your portfolio with Foot Anstey.

Our People

As a team we have valuable experience of working in house with national charities, often sending our lawyers on secondment into legal, fundraising or HR teams to gain insight into what’s important to you and how you like to work.

What our clients say

"An excellent reputation in the charity sector, and is industry leading in terms of providing in-house legacy management support.”

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