The rate at which new technology  is developed and becomes mainstream is exponential.

Simply maintaining the status quo is challenging for both customers and providers of technology alike  and being innovative and entrepreneurial requires incredible foresight; an agile and adaptive approach and an in-depth understanding as to the way technology can be used to solve corporate issues, create opportunities and improve efficiencies.

The impact therefore on businesses is unprecedented and rapid and can create a variety of complicated commercial, legal and regulatory aspects to explore and overcome.

Why choose Foot Anstey

At Foot Anstey, we are consultative in our approach to your needs and can add value by engaging with you on business and technology strategy as well as simply advising on legal issues. We are passionate about supporting your business in finding solutions and exploring the opportunities using technology. We have market-leading expertise in major transformational technology projects for both customers and suppliers.

We have core sector experience in FinTech, CleanTech, Retail and Transport sectors and our team, from its vast experience on working for clients both in-house and as external advisors, also provides up-to-date and practical insight into the legal and commercial horizon  in the Technology sectors- advising and commenting regularly on key developments such as: AI, AR/VR, personalisation, automation/drone technology, big data and analytics, cloud services, cyber security issues, IoT, M and E-commerce, Open Source, Quantum computing  and digitising customer journeys. With all of this change comes business opportunity but also increased security risk.

We approach the key themes impacting your project rather than looking at the black letter law, this helps us to provide you with a holistic solution and also identify other areas this may have an impact on your business such as employment risk or the renegotiation of contracts. You will be in the capable hands of our passionate and personable technology lawyers, all of whom have in-house expertise and understand the daily challenge of juggling competing priorities.

Our Heritage

Tech and the South West

Our heritage is in the South-West, and we are passionate about its reputation as a technology hub. We are proud to be a part of this and collaborate closely with organisations such as WECA, Engine Shed, Future Space, and UWE to continuously develop the region’s offering. For example we co-created Disrupt SW; an annual index of the most innovation companies within the region, who are disrupting their sectors. As such, we can connect your team with our network to help you invest in new tech, leverage contracts or find new partners.

How we help clients

Technology contracts

We support clients on the development and negotiation of contracts in the Technology sector including ‘pure tech’, infrastructure and telecommunications. This includes traditional technology based arrangements (licensing, consultancy, support and maintenance and hardware/software purchasing) as well as developing bespoke contracts for new technology (i.e. AI; Drone management software; blockchain solutions).

IT Procurement / Technology Transformation

We are experts in advising on major ‘change’ programmes involving the procurement or replacement of major technology assets and software. Typically we support clients through the lifecycle of their major change programmes supporting on aspects including business case assessment; ITT processes; bidder down selection; contractual arrangements and negotiation; termination of legacy solutions; internal communications with the business on new technology and ongoing support with contractual governance)

IT outsourcing / offshoring

We have advised a number of major international clients on the outsourcing of part/all of their technology functions. This might relate to business critical functions such as payroll and finance or application development or triaged helpdesk and call centre functions. We help not only support clients through the contractual process but also use our experience of working on these projects to suggest solutions to particular tricky areas such as service levels; benchmarking; financial models; continuous improvement and employment aspects (on exit and entry).

Technology Support and Maintenance / Service Levels

Whether you are looking to provide certainty and comfort for customers by offering support and service level commitments or seeking security (as a customer) that a solution will work to the standards promised – we can assist in helping to develop or negotiate simple, measurable and meaningful support and service level regimes. Too often these can be too complicated and end up being either overly burdensome to manage or meaningless as the solution becomes more mature. We can help develop clear and agile regimes to support the technology solution.

Cloud Services / SaaS/ PaaS / IaaS

Over the last ten years there has been a clear shift from traditional licence based deployment of software/solutions to more flexible cloud based offerings. This has significantly impacted the way in which businesses contract for technology solutions and placed more of a focus on data, data access, arrangements on exit/transfer to future providers and security. We have worked with both major cloud providers and customers of cloud based solutions in navigating through the typical (and untypical!) issues that arise when providing or consuming cloud based services.

Software licensing

Although traditional licensing has in many cases been replaced by the move to cloud based services there is still a place for the traditional licensing model. In particular we often support businesses looking to provide intra group licensing arrangement as part of a re-structure. We also often provide support for businesses as they license other entities in the supply chain or appoint reseller or distributors for their solutions.

Turnkey solutions

We support customers who are simply looking to incorporate ready-made solutions into their technology estate (i.e. specific billing functions or new technology that will provide better efficiency or cost saving). We can help identify any unusual or onerous terms and help you negotiate a more reasonable and balanced position.

E/M Commerce

As m and e-commerce sales figures continue to rise year on year we can support your business develop terms that both protect your position when dealing with consumers and business customers online while ensuring that the ‘legals’ do not have a detrimental effect on the user experience. We have worked with companies throughout various sectors in developing legal terms that complement the digitised user journey to ensure that the legals do not become a barrier to the customer experience.

Cyber Security

With digital fraud and cybercrime increasing year on year, keeping digital assets and data secure is always a key consideration for any business not only to prevent financial and property loss but also to maintain trust in the marketplace. Together with our Data, Privacy and Information Security team, we work with our clients to help minimise the threat and impact of cyber fraud/theft by focusing on contractual protections with third party contractors (to minimise the threat of fraudsters using your contractors as a gateway to your business assets); data breach response processes; best practice solutions; as well as operational policies and procedures .

Telecommunications and Infrastructure

With advent of greater interconnectivity of devices, autonomous vehicles, smart sensors and IoT a greater strain is placed upon the telecommunication and physical infrastructure that sits behind digital innovation. We are experienced in supporting both businesses and operators in procuring, maintaining and deploying digital infrastructure within their organisations or for the benefit of their customers to support the growth of new technology.

Our people

With particular expertise and deep sector knowledge our technology experts are able to help you overcome the challenges and grasp the opportunities opportunities for growth, investment and collaboration enabled by technology.

Related services

Data, privacy and information security

The way we live, buy, travel and are entertained – indeed all aspects of our lives – have been transformed by technological and digital advances.

We understand the commercial possibilities of data and seek to support you with the delivery of your data-related business strategy.


Having the right people in the right place, displaying the right behaviours through the right processes can be just as hard as it sounds.

Our experienced team of experts are able to provide you with timely, commercial advice for day-to-day advice to project support.

Energy & Infrastructure

The UK’s Energy requirements are high on the government’s agenda, with policy under constant review making for a continuously transitioning market.

We are heavily immersed in the sector and involved with conversations at a policy level, ensuring we stay ahead of market trends and enabling us to always look at the bigger picture to provide you with the best possible advice in line with your strategic goals.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are an inevitable part of any business, introducing unwanted risk and high stress. They also create a distraction that takes you away from what you do best and where you need to be.

Let us help your business get the results it needs.


Corporate projects demand legal advice at the speed of business.

Whatever your needs, goals or ambitions our team work hard to tailor services which help deliver our clients’ ambitions at every stage of a company’s journey.

General Counsel Services

Life as a General Counsel can be tough – balancing dealing with a wide range of proactive and reactive legal issues and risk management on behalf of your organisation, while also dealing with the operational side of the role such as running a team, supplier management, systems, processes and technology.

Our General Counsel services model takes a unique approach to working with you and helping you to address these challenges.

Risk Advisory

Risks can impact the delivery of your strategy, but can also provide market opportunities and competitive advantage.

Our experts help you look at your risk management holistically to drive operational consistency and prevent risk.


Whether or not your company has an in-house legal function, running a business today presents many complex challenges. 

We think it’s important that we genuinely get to know our clients businesses – that’s how we can deliver value that goes beyond just the monetary.