Data, privacy and information security

Data as opportunity

The way we shop, travel, receive healthcare and are entertained – indeed all aspects of our lives – have been transformed by data-driven technological and digital advances.  At the very heart of these advances is an ‘information economy’.

It’s no surprise (although we don’t agree with the analogy) that data has been coined ‘the new oil’ due to its power, potential and value to businesses and wider society.  It’s fair to say that the regulatory and legal landscape continues to evolve in order to try to ‘keep up’ with innovation.

Overlay all of this with the fact that conversations about ‘data ethics’ are becoming increasingly prevalent in society and that governments (including our own in the UK) are grappling with national data strategies designed to facilitate and nurture data economies, and it’s easy to see why Boards are so focused on data-related issues.

Managing data risk

In addition, you still can't go far without someone mentioning GDPR, CCPA or another international equivalent, meaning that many businesses find themselves still on 'red alert' particularly with information security and cyber risks as hot topics. It is certain that enforcement will continue but to a large extent it remains to be seen how this 'new' legislation will be interpreted and applied by regulators and courts. Recent focus, driven by a range of factors including high profile breaches and consumer expectations, has been on unsolicited marketing, personalised digital advertising, security failings and innovative technologies such as live facial recognition. 

Data-driven opportunities for businesses are clearly strategic and significant, whilst the associated risks – if not identified and managed – can be complex and costly. Understanding your own risk appetite in this area, as well as maintaining clear visibility of what's going on in the wider world from a data perspective is key to realising and maximising the potential of your data.  

Why choose Foot Anstey

Foot Anstey’s team of data, privacy and information law specialists have a genuine, obvious and long-standing passion for ‘all things data’.  They understand and are excited by the commercial possibilities of data and seek to support you with the development and delivery of your data-related business strategies.

Whatever project or incident the data, privacy and information security team are supporting you with they understand that these are issues which can affect your whole business strategy and reputation.  They are experienced in navigating complex technical legal issues and translating the messages for different internal audiences – from the Board to the front line.

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Our people

Alexandra Leonidou, who leads the data, privacy and information security law team, has been practising as a data lawyer for over a decade (she was bitten by the data bug long before it was widely popular!).  She has first-hand in-house experience of working on data-related matters within a global consumer-facing media giant.  Alexandra has built our team based on this commercial and strategic understanding of ‘real world’ uses of large datasets.