Mixers and High Spirits – A tale of a cold, wintry night in Manchester

What do you get if you mix mince pies, a room full of experts and a brilliant organisation like Fully Charged the week before Christmas? A very exciting panel session in Manchester picking apart the complexities of rolling out EV charging infrastructure equipment. 

On this panel, we addressed key themes hosted by the wonderful Mark Goodier. I was honoured to be there representing Foot Anstey LLP, with Octopus EV, Transport for Greater Manchester, Urban Foresight and Nottingham City Council. 

We looked at everything from bad advice from dealerships, BIK Tax changes, our experience of awful infrastructure, the challenge of Clean Air Zone plans and essential community engagement. We poured over the problems we have found when attempting to install charging Hubs and encouraging fleet conversion. 

Conversations about Range Anxiety are long over. They've moved through to Charging Anxiety and now even Change Anxiety. 

I am a transport professional working within a law firm. For us on the Energy Team its about asking the right questions and being available to hear your answers, and offering the opportunity to support you to make the changes that you want to see within your business. I want to nurture your aspirations and help your business to support Clean Air where you are. We need to address your staff's mobility, your fleet and any EV related issues.

I am a non-legal specialist with a track record of project management and delivery in the sustainable transport sphere. I am here to help with:

  • data gathering and strategy development,
  • signposting to finance or applying for grant funding,
  • advice on procurement for obtaining the right kit and introducing contractual help,
  • securing internal board approval; and
  • helping with stakeholder engagement and creating links with relevant regulators

In the UK we want to get the right kit in the right place, and establish the policy and regulations to support that. Lets measure twice and cut once - learn from each other, learn from past mistakes and understand the differences in the available vehicles and the difference in the equipment available.

Full video available below, thanks to Fully Charged Live. 

EV charging can feel like a leap of faith. A 'monkey bar' from one charger to the next hoping it will work.