The UK’s Energy requirements are high on the government’s agenda, with policy under constant review making for a continuously transitioning market. The pressure posed by net zero targets and climate emergency declarations, the rapid decentralisation and digitalisation of the sector, changes or removal of subsidies, and the emergence of new transformative technologies all require a strategic response.

In the face of these challenges it is exciting to see the emergence of multi-faceted projects coming together, involving renewables, battery storage, and EV charging that are considering the increasing importance of data in energy applications.  Change affects all industry players from energy companies to developers and consumers, bringing opportunity as well as risk.

Why choose Foot Anstey

We are heavily immersed in renewable energy and involved with conversations at a policy level through membership of groups such as the Energy Data Taskforce, the Energy Storage Network and the London EV Taskforce. This ensures we stay ahead of policy updates and market trends enabling us to always look at the bigger picture and provide you with the best possible advice in line with your strategic goals.

We have an extensive energy network, from policy makers to big six suppliers and a wide range of funders, and one of our strengths is our ability to make relevant introductions to help provide you with collaborative solutions.

Related Services


Transport and mobility is integral to society and there is a growing need to develop a transformational national transport policy that places the needs of the consumer at its centre.

We are able to provide you with invaluable insight on sustainable transport policy, mobility planning and the delivery of projects.

Development Projects

Demand for housing, infrastructure and commercial space is growing – and developers, policymakers and investors need to respond.

We can support you at every stage in the lifecycle of a development project.

Data, privacy and information security

The way we live, buy, travel and are entertained – indeed all aspects of our lives – have been transformed by technological and digital advances.

We understand the commercial possibilities of data and seek to support you with the delivery of your data-related business strategy.

Environmental issues

Climate change presents some of the toughest questions for business.

Our edge as environmental lawyers is our experience of feeding into policymaking in Parliament, government and local authorities.

Real Estate

The world of real estate is changing fast. The way we construct, operate, invest in and use property has been transformed.

At Foot Anstey, we have the in-depth understanding to help you navigate this rapidly changing market.


Whether or not your company has an in-house legal function, running a business today presents many complex challenges. 

We think it’s important that we genuinely get to know our clients businesses – that’s how we can deliver value that goes beyond just the monetary.


Planning law is the gateway to property development. It’s the vital first step for building projects no matter what size.

Working with decision-makers at the key levels, we use our years of experience in planning law to seek out answers which work for you.


Technology is at the heart of the way businesses interact, communicate, manage staff and position themselves in the market place. 

Our technology team can add value by engaging with you on business and technology strategy as well as simply advising on legal issues.

Our people

Our team can provide you with energy legal advice from the moment you start thinking about a new project all the way through to its completion. Whether you’re navigating policy and planning requirements, looking for a new site or site funding, implementing your project or looking to sell, our team is here to help yours.