Moving more for Mental Health Awareness Week

We've been finding moments for movement this Mental Health Awareness Week which focused on the theme of Movement: moving more for our mental health.

We've enjoyed a chair yoga session where we learnt how to move regularly and breathe properly at work, whether in the office or at home. And we mixed things up with 11s 'on the go' where we grabbed energy bars, fruit, smoothies and more before heading out for a stroll with our mental health first aiders. 

That’s not all… colleagues shared their stories on how moving supports their mental health and wellbeing. We've learnt how activities and sports such as cricket, cycling, swimming, and wrestling can all have a positive impact on our mental health.

Hear from our people

Melissa Story

Melissa Story, Trainee Solicitor, and keen cricketer shared: “Sport brings out the best in me. It’s my output for my energy and emotions. Getting to compete and push myself to new heights during training gives me a rush of adrenaline… Team sports are great because you can form really strong bonds and friendships can flourish from unexpected places. You also get to put yourself out of your comfort zone which can help you grow mentally and physically stronger and become more confident.”

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke, Colleague and Client Services Assistant, and former professional wrestler stressed the importance of pausing: “Rest and recovery is as important as the work we do, both mentally and physically… I find you also get that feeling of release, success, or self-improvement from regular exercise sessions. For me, without my Wrestling and being around like-minded people, my mental health would suffer greatly. I am forever grateful that I get to do something I love because the feelings associated with it bring me so much happiness.”

Gemma Tilly

Gemma Tilly, Senior Associate, and wild swimmer shared how self-empowering exercise can be: “I find I’m so focused on the cold water and my breathing when I’m wild swimming that I can’t really think about much else. For those short minutes… I find I am just me, present in that moment… taking some time for myself.”

Jason Haines

Non-Executive Director, Jason Haines, shared the importance of taking time away from our usual working patterns: “I used to look forward to my ten-mile commuting ride as I would get to my destination energised and refreshed – it helped bring balance to my day and gave me extra time to think. Any kind of movement is helpful for your mental health, particularly if it is outdoors…even just ten minutes outside helps me to get some perspective.”