Making deliveries! Foot Anstey employee supports local food bank

Lynne Harding, a Taunton-based Legal Engineer at Foot Anstey LLP, has used the firm's CSR hours initiative to support Sherborne Food Bank.

Lynne began making deliveries once a month in November 2021 and has continued to provide support to the local community and food bank ever since. Foot Anstey provides all its employees with two days of paid leave to take part in volunteer charity activities in its local communities.

Sherborne Food Bank is a volunteer-run organisation with a mission to help the hungry, and families in crisis in the area.

Lynne commented about her involvement with the cause: "Sherborne Food Bank, like many food banks around the country, is so important to those individuals or families that find themselves in unprecedented situations. When the pandemic hit, I had time to help locally and volunteered in the local shop, which is where I found out about the need for drivers to deliver food.

"Each month, along with my husband, I drive to a local church hall, which is the food bank's headquarters. All our deliveries are laid out and labelled ready for us to pack into our car and deliver. Once we have loaded up the car, we drive along our route to drop the parcels off. The families know we are coming, so they are usually ready and waiting for us to receive their delivery! It feels good to use my CSR hours and know I am helping to make someone's life a little more comfortable at a difficult time.

"Foot Anstey's CSR hours initiative has enabled me to take time out in two-hour chunks, so I am able to commit to helping my chosen charity once a month for the whole year. I think it's an excellent benefit that enables us to do something helpful for others within work time and is fully supported by colleagues and the firm."

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