Our Communities

Supporting our local communities

We believe it is vital to contribute to the community in which we work and live. Our focus is on supporting children and young people by opening up opportunities to give them brighter futures. We actively encourage our people to lend their time and expertise to local community projects.

Supporting local charities

The Foot Anstey Foundation

We have set up The Foot Anstey Foundation to support charities in our local communities by awarding grants to those who are making an impact locally. Our funds are designed to achieve maximum impact for local charities and organisations including for the core costs of the vital work that they do.

We have been awarding grants since July 2016 with an emphasis on assisting families in need, alleviating childhood poverty and empowering young people. Following a staff vote, our most recent grants were awarded to Transformation CPR and Ups and Downs.

Our people in action

CSR Activities

Our employees are actively encouraged to take part in CSR activities. Whether this is in support of The Foundation or for a charity they feel passionate about, everyone who works for us can take two days paid leave to take part in voluntary charity activities in our local communities.

The firm also organise firm wide events and activities that staff can take part in such as food drives and sponsored walks.

Legal advice for charities

Not-for-profit support

As a firm we also support not-for-profits with a range of legal advice especially around legacies by supporting the maintenance of vital funding into charitable organisations.