Our Environment

Investing in a brighter future for our environment

Our Sustainability Committee work with our employees as well as local and national sustainability organisations to ensure we not only comply with environmental regulations but also continuously review the sustainability of our business operations in order to set ambitious targets for improvement. We aim to promote sustainable behaviour internally but also be a positive force for change in our local communities.

Our approach

Improving our energy efficiency

We are working hard to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 2% per person per annum. One way in which we plan to achieve this is through improving our energy efficiency. We have undertaken energy audits in all of our offices to ensure each of our locations has an energy saving action plan.

For example by installing LED lighting in our Plymouth building, ensuring our Bristol facility maintains its BREEAM excellent rating and ensuring electricity we purchase directly is from renewable sources. All of our offices have motion sensor lighting systems.

Reducing business travel

Due to working across several office locations reviewing our travel habits is an essential way we can reduce carbon emissions. Our strategy is to reduce staff travel and encourage our people to think about alternative solutions to driving.

We have stopped all non-essential inter-office travel where Skype or video conferencing can be used as an alternative, we encourage the use of our car sharing platform and public transport, and take part in cycle to work schemes and walking initiatives to enable our staff make smart decisions about their commute.

Our Truro office now has electric vehicle charging points available for staff and client use.

Reducing our waste

This year we are aiming for a 5% reduction per person in general office and kitchen waste sent to landfill. To do this we are working to upgrade our recycling facilities at each office to support zero waste to landfill contracts. Across all offices, confidential waste is captured and recycled.

We have invested in paperless filing systems and installed printers which use 25% less electricity than our previous models.

Supply chain transparency

Wherever possible we purchase products from sustainable and responsible suppliers by assessing their environmental credentials as part of our procurement process.

All of our stationary is sourced from Commercial Ltd who have achieved zero waste to landfill, source all of their energy from a large solar array on their roof and have won awards for their sustainably fuelled vehicle fleet. Our catering for our events and business meetings is sourced from local, ethical suppliers.

Energy and mobility

We support numerous clients in the energy sector to deliver renewable energy and sustainable mobility projects.

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