Unpacking offsite construction

There is a discernible global trend towards an increased focus in modular and offsite construction with the next generation of housing stock to heavily involve modern methods of construction (MMC).

This is an exciting and complex market, with players of all sizes in this sector, differing levels of automation of MMC products and numerous delivery methods.

At the heart of this approach is the product, the method, the system, the kit or the module. Be it volumetric, panelised, site-based innovations or such hybrid systems incorporating a combination.

Combined with UK frameworks brought out by public sector contracting bodies indicating a push towards the use of MMCs, it’s now vital that operators have sight of the wider MMC landscape and stay up to date with industry trends, ‘unpacking’ the options available.

Modern Methods of Construction

Why choose Foot Anstey?

With our multi-practice approach, and deep industry knowledge, we provide developers, lenders, contractors, suppliers, housing associations and other public bodies solution focused advice in respect of offsite construction. We focus on adapting our advice and drafting of contracts to reflect the method, system or kit in question.

We start by understanding our client’s objectives, which can be commercial, regulatory compliance, collaboration, net zero carbon construction, use of renewables – often a combination. We then tailor our service to respond to this.

We work closely with our client’s team on handover, assurance and maintenance & use requirements, so we understand the outputs our clients require.

Our people

The advisory approach of our multi-disciplinary team captures the breadth of our knowledge and expertise in different areas involved in MMC – finance, planning, construction, renewables, mobility, data, & technology, public procurement, so we can safely say that there isn’t a once size fit all. With a focus on speaking to industry leaders and trend-setters, we track what’s current, offering tailored-advice that is always up to date, practical and situation-specific.

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