Volunteers’ Week: Annalisa steps up as a Trustee in support of her community

After moving to Somerset just before the first lockdown Annalisa Checchi, Managing Associate, decided to get involved in her local community by volunteering as a trustee for a couple of local charities. After volunteering by managing the Pharmacy delivery team which delivered prescriptions to people shielding during the lockdowns and continues to deliver to those in need, Annalisa was asked to become a trustee of the Wells Community Network (formerly Wells Coronavirus Network).

What does the network do?

The Wells Community Network helps people in the community with shopping, prescription deliveries, transport to vaccination hubs or hospital appointments, assisting with the food bank and signposting vulnerable people to the right local services like Citizens Advice Bureau and other local support group for mental health issues or disability. The work that the Wells Community Network is providing to the local community is much needed as the pandemic identified significant gaps between the provision of services by the local government and central government.

Using CSR Hours to support

Annalisa decided to spread out her CSR hours to attend board meetings. These meetings were essential to ensure the organisation could transition from a group that solely provided help during the pandemic to a permanent volunteer community network. Annalisa feels that using her CSR Hours in this way has not only helped to provide support to those who need it the most but has also helped as she settled into her new community.

What are CSR Days?

At Foot Anstey we encourage our people to be active participants in our communities by offering their time as volunteers. Everyone in the business has 2 additional days of paid leave each year to volunteer.

An exciting anecdote!

Two weeks ago Annalisa met Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, who was in Wells for the day as an unannounced visit to meet with a number of local community projects that have helped thousands of people during the pandemic. Annalisa was part of the 30 people selected to talk to Prince Edward about her role running the pharmacy delivery team.