Key employment law updates | June 2021

Government confirms no current intention to ban "fire and rehire" practices

The Government has responded to a report by Acas on the use of so-called "fire and rehire" practices by employers who dismiss employees and offer re-engagement on revised terms.  Although legislative changes are not imminent, Acas has been asked to prepare more detailed guidance on when and how dismissal and re-engagement/fire and rehire should be used.

Various legislative and non-legislative reforms have been suggested recently in this area including:

  • enhancing the unfair dismissal regime;
  • requiring employment tribunals to closely assess business reasons for changes to terms and conditions;
  • requiring continuity of employment to be preserved in a fire and rehire situation;
  • increasing employer consultation obligations in relation to any proposed dismissals; and
  • improving guidance on relevant legal obligations and best practice.

Acas highlighted the issue of unintended adverse consequences to a reform in this area, which could lead to more job losses and has been asked to produce more detailed and comprehensive guidance for employers before "fire and rehire" is implemented.

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