Growth ambitions with newly qualified Benjamin Smith

Ben started his Training Contract at Foot Anstey in 2021 and has since qualified cementing his place as a Solicitor on the Corporate M&A Team in our Private Equity sector. As a corporate Trainee, Ben was involved in hands on work right from the start, doing everything from drafting NDAs and exclusivity agreements to running judicious exercises and more.

“The support at Foot Anstey is excellent from a career development perspective. I'm encouraged to run matters and transactions independently, but with a supportive unit surrounding me.”

“The firm's main asset is its people and therefore its most important investment is its people. And you see that from training contract level up to partners, there's constant learning and development  opportunities put in place to make sure that everyone's growing with the firm.”

What do you most value about working at Foot Anstey?

“For me, I must say the people at the firm; everyone's friends as well as colleagues. I think that just creates a really nice cohesive environment to work in as we all strive together to achieve the firm's objectives.”

What excites you about the future of the firm and your role in it?

“The firm has been very successful to date and is on an excellent, strong trajectory. It's a very exciting path to be on, especially as a trainee coming into the firm and I genuinely believe that in the next five years we're going to be a leading national firm and be competitive in that market.”

I originally joined Foot Anstey in 2019, and in my first six months at the firm it was really key to me to see the firm's USP, their routes to market, their investment in their people and their technology and their historic growth.

Benjamin Smith Solicitor

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