Foot Anstey collaborates with The Chancery Lane Project to create a new climate clause

The Developer team at national law firm, Foot Anstey LLP, has worked with The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) to create its new climate clause, Madhavi,

Madhavi's clause adapts sustainable practices and net zero aligned provisions from TCLP’s construction clauses for use in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) contracts.

TCLP brings together legal professionals from around the world to create new, practical contractual clauses ready to incorporate into law firm precedents and commercial agreements to deliver climate solutions.

The Foot Anstey team included Suriya Edwards (Managing Associate), Liam Henderson (Solicitor) and Colin Shear (Trainee Solicitor). Together they were instrumental in working with TCLP to publish its first MMC net zero provision, working collaboratively with TCLP to provide the initial draft and further comments.

Suriya Edwards, Managing Associate at Foot Anstey, said: "We work incredibly closely with TCLP on a lot of projects and use its clauses when reviewing and drafting contracts for clients in the sector. We have found the clauses to be incredibly useful so when the opportunity to collaborate with them on this new clause came our way, we were thrilled.

"At Foot Anstey we advise on net zero issues (including projects incorporating off-site construction), so it was great to be able to convey our expertise in this area in the clause. As is customary with TCLP provisions the clauses are named after a child and because I was the lead coordinator on this piece, I got to name the clause with my daughter's middle name Madhavi which means "earth". I am looking forward to seeing law practitioners use this clause in the future."

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