Covid employer guidance updates | April 2022

New Covid guidance 

The government released new guidance in respect of reducing the spread of respiratory infections, including COVID-19, in the workplace. Please see here for our previous article on this and a short excerpt below of the relevant considerations.

What to consider for your organisation

  • How to update your risk assessments and work practices in light of the new public health guidance? Whilst it appears key to retain ventilation and cleaning measures, what other Covid-safe measures will you keep in place? Will you have specific considerations for managing vulnerable employees in the workplace going forwards?
  • How to share the latest guidance with employees as to when to stay away from work and when to come in. Will you encourage and/or support testing? Would you like employees to notify you when they have taken a test which confirms they are COVID-19 positive? If you are going to accommodate employees who have tested positive but feel well enough to work, what additional risk reduction measures (e.g. mask wearing and social distancing) will you put in place? Will you be encouraging vulnerable employees to raise any concerns they may have, in order to discuss the same, together with possible steps that may be taken to reduce any associated risk on a more long-term basis?
  • What will you be paying staff who are not well enough to work?  Has this been clearly communicated to staff (particularly if you previously offered full pay when self-isolation for COVID-19 was mandatory)? If you are going to require employees to remain away from work in circumstances where the employee maintains they fit, ready and willing to work, arguably they are entitled to full pay for such absence.
  • What additional health-related personal data did you start to collect from employees in response to COVID-19 and the legislation in response to it? Do you still need this data? Do you still have a lawful basis and Article 9 condition for processing it?

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