Charlie reflects on his experience as an apprentice

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

For me, having not gone to university, I didn't have many options to pursue a career in the law. An apprenticeship in the firm gave me the "foot in the door" I needed to gain vital experience and enter a world that I may have otherwise been unable to access.

The allowance of time to study alongside working also really helped me balance my work, education, and personal life – it's also a fantastic bonus to get paid to learn!

What was your apprenticeship highlight?

Winning the "Business Services Apprentice of the Year 2022" at the college awards event, a very proud moment for me!

Foot Anstey have helped me charter a course to full legal qualification, it won't be easy but it's a huge gust of wind in the sails to know that my employers have supported me from the beginning and are encouraging me to actualise my goals.

What advice you would give to others?

Don't hesitate to apply for something you think might be outside of your reach. The whole point of apprenticeships is to allow individuals the chance to explore careers they might not have had to chance otherwise. I didn't think I could work in a law firm, but I'm pleased to say I was wrong!

Plus, when you get started on your apprenticeship really take your time to really soak up the knowledge, take advantage of the fact you're there to learn and make use of every resource available to you. It won't be long before you're solely working, and it becomes much harder to find the time to develop oneself.