Wills & Probate

Planning for the future is a challenge

But understanding what is possible can resolve many uncertainties years in advance. If your legacy is the key to providing for your loved ones after you’ve passed away, it’s essential and that’s where our Will writing solicitors come in.

If there are business interests to account for, having the correct legal expertise involved in drafting your Will can ensure that your gift reaches its fullest potential.

Likewise, those left to deal with obtaining the grant of probate after the passing of a loved one can find it a challenging task with a heavy burden of administration. Having trusted legal advisors involved ahead of time will result in a streamlined estate that’s fit for purpose.

Why choose Foot Anstey?

At Foot Anstey, we know the pressure that comes with deciding the shape of your legacy. Sizeable estates can include complicating factors like businesses, overseas assets and funds held in trust. Our team are experienced in the complexities that accompany high net-worth individuals, and we’ll help you to get a clear picture of your financial situation, and how that fits into the UK’s guidelines around taxation and inheritance.

If your estate includes a farm, our agriculture team can help with questions around the resolution of farming partnerships, taxation and reliefs, and balancing the interests of children both inside and out of the business.

How we help clients

Client Guides

Registering Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions

There are two types of LPA which serve different purposes – either to support with the management of your finances or with decisions around your health care. We explain how these work in more detail and some of the key considerations for each option.

Key considerations when setting up a Family Investment Company

A FICo is an alternative vehicle for tax planning and moving assets through the generations, while retaining some control. In this guide we outline the key things to consider when taking this approach to your succession planning.

What are the grounds to dispute a will?

In this guide we explore the grounds for contesting the validity of a will. We outline the key considerations for each and what actions to take if you are concerned a will is invalid.

Death-in-Service benefits – what are your duties as a Trustee when a claim is made?

Whilst the benefit is common place, not many employers understand what their obligations as Trustees are or what to do when a claim is made. In this guide we take a closer look at this benefit, the duties it creates for Trustees and steps to take when a claim is made.

Our people

Working with our team, you’ll have a specialist partner on-hand to answer any queries using straight-forward language that leaves you in control. Our team will also draw on the other expertise within Foot Anstey where collaboration is needed and can work with your accountant, financial advisor and land agent to offer a holistic service.

The most important aspect of a legacy is that it does what you want it to do, and for our results-driven team, that’s the key objective.

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Private Wealth

Every decision you make about your personal affairs has the potential to affect not only you and your assets, but to have wide-ranging consequences for your family and your employees.

We are able to truly offer you advice, over options and added-value, over added confusion and stress.


Relationships can be complicated and involve a myriad of other factors in your life.

Whatever the problem, regardless of its complexity, we can advise you on which route is best for you.

Farms, Estates and Rural Land

We understand that agriculture and rural business is highly specialised, bringing its own set of unique commercial and legal challenges that are often quite distinct from those faced in other businesses.

We work collaboratively within the firm and with our clients’ other professional advisers to bring in expertise from all areas of agricultural law, ensuring the best legal and commercial solutions are achieved every time.

Entrepreneurial private companies

Throughout all stages of the business life cycle for entrepreneurial and private companies we understand there is great opportunity and reward that comes hand-in-hand with great pressure and risk points.

By being more than about pure transactions, we can help any EPC in every sector and every industry.

UK Succession and Tax

In an uncertain economic and political climate protecting your personal wealth has never been so important. 

As a team of dedicated experts, rather than simply answering the question, we look to provide a wider solution and cut through the confusion with advice that is clear and concise.