Foot Anstey team clean-up Bristol Harbour

The Energy team at national law firm, Foot Anstey LLP, boarded the Seacycler to help clean Bristol Harbour.

The Seacycler is a two-horsepower electric boat made from recycled plastic with a mission to take groups around Bristol Harbour extracting rubbish and educate the "sailors" on the impact of plastic in the water. Seacycler works with local schools and other community members to tackle the ocean litter crisis. It is reported that a considerable amount of waste finds its way into waterways around Bristol, creating a toxic environment for both animals and water ecosystems.

While on-board the Seacycler, the team picked out plastic, glass and other man-made rubbish that had made its way into the Bristol Harbour.

Stuart Cleak, Partner in Foot Anstey's Energy Team said: "At Foot Anstey we care deeply about local initiatives near our office locations, offering our support to Seacycler and Bristol Harbour was an incredibly rewarding experience. Day-to-day, we offer our legal services to a variety of businesses that work within the environmental sector and all of us have sustainability at the forefront of our minds.

"Everyone had a great deal of fun on the day - it was a lovely way to reconnect and work together as a team after a long period of home working, as well as contributing to, and learning about, our local environment."

Colin Shear said "Having just joined the firm as a trainee, it was great to go on a team building trip to get to know my colleagues, and work with them to clear the harbour. It's really motivating to join a team that care about making a difference." 

To find out more about how Foot Anstey supports local communities please visit or connect with the firm here