Canada joins the Madrid protocol

On 18 March 2019, Canada became the 104th member of the Madrid System bringing the total number of countries covered by the system to 120 countries. The protocol for Canada will come into effect on 17 June 2019. Canada, the world's 10th largest economy, is the last of the G8 countries to enter into the Madrid System.

The Madrid System is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). A brand owner who is based in or has a business connection to a country that has signed up to the Madrid System only needs to file a single application and pay one set of filing fees in order to apply for trade mark protection in up to 120 countries. This process often brings significant cost savings compared to filing separate national trade mark applications in individual countries.

There are now 104 members that have signed up to the Madrid System, making the system an important way for international brand owners to protect their brand around the world easily and at a lower cost.

Canada is an important jurisdiction for many companies and therefore it is really good news for brand owners that are seeking to register their trade marks internationally that they can now take advantage of the Madrid System in order to file in Canada alongside many other countries.

Charlene Nelson, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

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