Money, it’s not everyone’s favourite topic.

The reality, though, is this: every business, from ours to yours, needs finance. Without it, we can’t function. With it, we can grow, develop and drive our ventures forward to meet the scope of our ambition.

That means that if you’re responsible for decisions around finance, you’re making choices about the future of your company. Colleagues, investors and regulators have high expectations that you’ll choose well.

Your own expectations are higher still. So when you seek guidance or support on any aspect of finance, you expect the best from your advisors – commercial acumen, responsive service and intelligent execution.

We’re here to deliver it.

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Why choose Foot Anstey?

At Foot Anstey, we’ve invested in our team of finance experts. We hire, develop and retain lawyers with deep specialisms in specific areas of finance law – because we know you need and want more than a jack of all trades.

Over the years, we’ve built quite a following among clients who’ve worked with us on financing arrangements for deals, projects, developments and restructures. They keep coming back, because we keep delivering.

When you work with us, you’ll quickly find that we’re excited about what we do and how it supports your ambition – from financing for a business or real estate ventures, through to Islamic finance structures.

You’ll also discover that it’s refreshing to work with advisors who don’t need to hide behind jargon. Who know how to work collaboratively with your other advisors, as an extension of your team, and flex to fit your style. And, just as importantly, understand the market you operate in and aren’t scared to come off the fence and advocate a course of action.

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You can read more about the careers and expertise of our leading finance lawyers by clicking on their profiles, or to find out more, visit our pages dedicated to different kinds of finance, including real estate finance, Islamic finance, corporate lending and borrowing, private equity and retail financial services.

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