Relationships can be complicated and involve a myriad of other factors in your life. From personal wealth and ownership of property to business assets and issues involving children and members of the wider family, they often bring complex financial and legal challenges.

No matter if you’re looking to proactively protect against those factors or for advice on how to deal with the ramifications of a divorce or relationship breakdown, you need clear and actionable legal advice on your side. You also need lawyers whose primary focus is helping clients achieve their objectives in a constructive and supportive way.

Why choose Foot Anstey

Our family law team are experts in giving you clear and bespoke advice on what your strategy should be and giving you firm or “clear and early” indications of what the outcome might be. We know that in challenging times you need empathetic support and that’s why we work hard to build a personal chemistry. We make ourselves available for you, so that we can truly understand what you’re going through.

A large proportion of divorces also include other elements of law such as company ownership, pensions or complex property holdings and we are able to pull on dedicated specialists from around the wider Foot Anstey team as well as our divorce law specialists. That means we can support you in every aspect of your matter, quickly and efficiently.

Going to court often brings its own complications, but it might not always be necessary. With an approach that is ready, robust and diligent, we will always look at  alternative methods of resolving disputes, as our team includes lawyers qualified in mediation and collaborative law, before pursuing court. If and when court becomes the best route, then our experienced team are ready to fight your corner.

Whatever the problem, regardless of its complexity, we can advise you on which route is best for you.

Related services

Private Wealth

Every decision you make about your personal affairs has the potential to affect not only you and your assets, but to have wide-ranging consequences for your family and your employees.

We are able to truly offer you advice, over options and added-value, over added confusion and stress.

Entrepreneurial private companies

Throughout all stages of the business life cycle for entrepreneurial and private companies we understand there is great opportunity and reward that comes hand-in-hand with great pressure and risk points.

By being more than about pure transactions, we can help any EPC in every sector and every industry.

Farms, Estates and Rural Land

We understand that agriculture and rural business is highly specialised, bringing its own set of unique commercial and legal challenges that are often quite distinct from those faced in other businesses.

We work collaboratively within the firm and with our clients’ other professional advisers to bring in expertise from all areas of agricultural law, ensuring the best legal and commercial solutions are achieved every time.

UK Succession and Tax

In an uncertain economic and political climate protecting your personal wealth has never been so important. 

As a team of dedicated experts, rather than simply answering the question, we look to provide a wider solution and cut through the confusion with advice that is clear and concise.


Property is a subject that interests everyone and it often dominates media and political agendas as a result. The economic and political landscape means that the property market is constantly changing.

As one of the largest teams in the UK, Foot Anstey’s conveyancing services team are experts in all aspects of this market.

International Succession and Tax

Managing and securing your private wealth can be complicated and when it comes to international matters, another layer of complexity is added. 

Our experienced, multi-lingual team is dedicated to providing specialist, high quality legal advice on international private wealth issues.

Enable Law

We have a team of specialist medical negligence, serious injury and mental capacity lawyers ready to help you. With offices in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol, Hampshire and London, we can assist with claims across the UK.

Our people

Our team of experts and family law solicitors have the expertise to help you achieve your objectives.