The Virtual 8 Challenge is back!

There have been so many great challenges submitted this year! Read on to find out what the Virtual 8 Challenge is, what challenges our people have signed up for and how to support them.

What is the Virtual 8 Challenge?

Throughout May we have challenged our people as individuals, or with their teams (virtually!/as permitted by restrictions) to set themselves a challenge based on the number 8. All to raise money for the Foot Anstey Foundation, which supports charitable organisations in our local communities.

Why 8? As we can't go to our 8 offices at the moment we wanted to find a way of joining together as a firm and thus the Virtual 8 Challenge was born!

What is our goal?

We have set ourselves a fundraising target of £2,000 (we would love to exceed this!) as a firm and will be gathering donations via our JustGiving page here. You can read more here about how last year’s challenge supported our local community. You can support our Foundation and those taking part by donating if you are able to.

What challenges have people signed up to so far?

Lots of individuals and teams have signed up - see what they have committed to below:

Team challenges: 

  • Islamic Finance Team. At 8.8km high, Everest is the ultimate vertical challenge. Throughout May, as a team, we shall climb, hike, step and cycle a total height of 8.8km and thereby conquer Everest in our own way. Distance is vanity, elevation is sanity, they say!
  • Corporate Team. We are aiming for 8,000,000 steps across the team!
  • HR Team. To complete 888 miles by any non-mechanically propelled means of transport – walk, run, hop, skip, jump, horse riding, cycling or pogoing. Or anything else that doesn’t involve a motor!
  • Commercial Property Team (Plymouth & Truro). Complete 888km by any non-motorised transport.
  • Real Estate Asset Management Team. We will collectively cover 1.8m steps in May.
  • Client Development Team. We will collectively cover 1,888km as a team throughout the challenge by non-motorised means!
  • Commercial Litigation Team. The team will take a virtual trip to the moon and back which takes approximately 6 days. The team are going to complete 8,888 minutes of exercise for the month of May. 8,888 minutes equates to approximately 6 days.
  • Employment Team. Each participating team member will commit to 8 minutes of unbroken bodyweight exercises every day in May. For 8 minutes, we’ll each be completing as many squats, lunges, burpees, sit-ups, push ups etc. as physically possible, keeping a collective tally as we go.
  • Construction Team. Complete 888 miles by run, bike, swim, dog walking and possibly surfing if the water warms up – fuelled by 800 cups of tea, coffee and cake!

Individual challenges

  • Pete Singfield. I’ll be swimming 8km over course of the month as well as cycling 80km and running 8km each week. Wish me luck!
  • James Gliddon. I will be averaging 88km a week across cycling and running. Keep an eye out for my social posts to see how I get on.
  • Kerry Blomerus. 8 x 8 mile walks in May.
  • Lynne Harding. To walk 88 miles over the challenge period, and to visit 18 “Lost Pubs of Sherborne” (18 locations of closed pubs in my home town of Sherborne, Dorset).
  • Sarah Peacock. 80 miles cycled in 8 days.
  • James Treloar and Dave Bloor. 88miles in 8 hours climbing 8000ft of elevation.
  • Doug Smith. 8 x 8 miles on fitness bike in May.
  • Tom Wilkin. I will be doing8 laps of one of the mountain bike trails at Queen Elizabeth Country Park (c.3,500 feet of climbing and c.32 miles).
  • Duncan Ralph. I will be undertaking an 8,000ft cycle ascent.
  • Jon Quilter. I will be doing an epic 88km cycle one day in May.
  • Carol Phillips. 80 miles running and 80 miles cycling over course of May.
  • Felicity Danks. An 8 mile hike.
  • Kym Provan. 80 miles walked or run across May.
  • Rachel Brooks. 8 x 8 mile rows in May.
  • Bonnie Ward. 8 x 8k runs in May.
  • Hayley Richardson. I will walk 8 miles every day in May.
  • Andrew Harnett. 8 x 80 minute weights work outs in 8 days.
  • Alice Carr. Walk/run 80km each week in May.
  • Rosemary Drew. 80km walked in May.
  • Ceri-Ann Taylor. 88 miles by a variety of self propelled means!
  • Andrew Commander. Participate in 8 different sports across the month.
  • Lisa Kelly. An 8-mile run, followed by an 8-mile cycle, followed by an 8-mile walk (all in one day - Friday 28 May).