Murabaha Monthly – An introduction

Introducing Murabaha Monthly, a practical monthly "bitesize" insight into how commodity murabaha facilities operate. 

I'll take a sterling term commodity murabaha facility in the context of UK commercial real estate finance – and distil the practical implications of a pertinent clause or topic into a couple of paragraphs.  To keep it engaging, it'll be pithy and easily digestible.

The aim is to address (in a modest way) the scarcity of engaging, practitioner-led, open-source information in this particular sector of the market.  As a structure, commodity murabaha has its critics but there's no denying its traction in the commercial real estate space, at least in the UK.  So, personal preferences aside, it pays to be familiar with the nuts and bolts to ensure interests of clients are covered and risks mitigated. 

The first instalment in January will delve into the concept of purchase contracts and what they're about.

Consider it a festive treat that keeps giving!

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