Life outside the EU – A checklist of commercial considerations

To what extent does your company depend on goods, components, labour or services from within, or anywhere outside of, the EU/EEA? The uncertainty caused by Brexit may continue for some time.  Is your business able to cope with lower consumer and supplier confidence?

  • Is your supply chain a just-in-time model, or would you be able to cope with any border delays?
  • Check whether you have, or need, an EORI number.
  • How key to your business are the EU27 markets for selling your goods /services?
  • Will Brexit affect your location decisions?
  • Have you considered whether your suppliers (or the suppliers to your suppliers) will be able to meet their obligations after Brexit?
  • Do you need to /are you able to stockpile any materials?
  • If you do need to stockpile, is there likely to be sufficient available warehousing available?

  • Consider whether your key customer contracts will still be fulfilled, on-time and without additional cost.
  • Consider whether it is possible to renegotiate key contracts, e.g. inserting risk minimising clauses.

  • The UK’s departure from the EU could have wide-ranging impacts on regulatory compliance, such as product markings and importing /exporting procedures.  Consider if a regulatory audit is needed.

  • New tariffs may apply after Brexit (even on goods which are moving between a non-EU country such as China and the UK). Is your business prepared for this?
  • New quotas may also apply after Brexit; is this likely to be problematic for your business?

  • How reliant is your workforce on EU /EEA labour?
  • How necessary is it to your business for your workforce to be able to move across national borders (whether temporarily or permanently?)
  • Have you considered the additional financial and administrative burdens of attracting and retaining talent?
  • Have you considered how you, as a business, can help to maintain good morale among your workforce?

  • Will your business be able to cope with sudden fluctuations in currency values? (e.g. purchases in US Dollars?)
  • Have you approached your banks and lined them up to assist with any cash-flow issues?
  • Will volatility in the financial markets impact your capital raising /borrowing plans?
  • Does your business rely on foreign direct investment for growth?
  • Do you receive any UK /EU public funding?

  • Are your intellectual property rights registered in jurisdictions which are appropriate for your business after Brexit? (e.g. registered in the UK? Registered in the EU?)
  • Do any applications to register any intellectual property rights need to be made before Brexit?
  • Read our Q&A article here.

  • How are your data processes set up? Does data flow into or out of the UK?  If so, to where does data flow?
  • Where are your data centres /servers located?
  • Do you subcontract any IT processes and/or data processing?
  • Will you be able to comply with any changes in data protection legal requirements?

  • Are you prepared for potential divergences between the UK and EU tax regimes?

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