Govt consultation launched on Strategic Infrastructure Tariff as part of CIL reform

The Government has announced today new consultation on Community Infrastructure Levy reform to include a new strategic infrastructure tariff for large projects. Hopefully this is an Xmas present that won't be  wrapped up in too much red tape.

New rules on developer contributions which help fund new roads, schools, play areas and other essential infrastructure have been published for consultation in a move to quicken the pace of housing delivery in England. This is part of a package of reforms to address the lengthy and complex process of negotiation for councils that slows down the delivery of new homes, precisely at a time when more are needed. This will ensure the infrastructure needs of communities are identified from the outset, saving time and allowing the provision of infrastructure to be costed in to projects at an early stage. It also seeks to increase the types of project that can benefit from the Community Infrastructure Levy, ensuring a wider range of community priorities are eligible to receive funding.