The most common questions about the UK trade mark registration process

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By Paul Cox

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We have put together a useful guide which answers the most common questions about the UK trade mark registration process. Below you will find a comprehensive list of trade mark related questions and answers that our experts support clients on.

Trade Mark Registration Process Timeline*

1. Pre-filing Investigations


  • Clearance searches.
  • Strategic Advice.
  • Drafting specifications.

2. File at Registry

  • Application is filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO).

3. Examination

  • Examination report will be sent.
  • If the examiner raises any queries or objections, these must be dealt with before the mark is published.
  • Owners of earlier marks will be notified of the application.

4. Publication

  • Once any queries or objections are dealt with. The mark will be published in the Trade Marks Journal.

5. Opposition Period

  • The Opposition period will last for 2 months, but may be extended by a further month if a third party files a Notice of Threatened Opposition.
  • If a party does oppose, opposition proceedings can typically last at least 1 year (unless they are settled).
  • The opposition rate is around 4% of all marks applied for so your mark may not be opposed.

6. Registration

  • Unless the mark is opposed (or the opposition is successfully defended), it will proceed to registration shortly after expiry of the opposition period.
  • A registration certificate will be issued.

7. Renewal

  • Trade marks can be renewed indefinitely every 10 years.
  • We will contact you approximately 6 months before renewal to discuss the renewal costs.

*Steps 1-3 approximately take 4-6 weeks, steps 4-6 can take 2-3 months and step 7 every 10 years. All timings are approximate and will vary according to each individual mark and current timescales with the UK IPO. Assuming that there are no oppositions, the average time to get a registration is 4-6 months.

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