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People Lab – Invest in your Talent

With everything that HR teams have to deal with today, by the time a problem reaches HR, it can often be too late. It’s vital that managers throughout your organisation are equipped to proactively deal with situations early on. This takes the burden off HR teams that can otherwise be overwhelmed by support requests from managers who don’t have those skills. It’s vital that managers are equipped with good management tools to get the best from their talent – their team.

Bringing in expert training for your management teams (from Supervisor to Director level), helping them to recognise problems and know their legal responsibilities is a strong first step to creating a culture where managers manage their teams at ground level and enhance results across the board.

What the people lab helps with

No matter if you are worried about your existing organisational culture, looking to upskill newly promoted technical experts' people management skills or looking to improve wellness, we have a cultural change programme and a series of wellbeing programmes to help you minimize risk, build resilience and enhance performance.

Development programme

Leaders within organisations are often promoted due to their technical expertise but without having yet fully developed their people management skills. Without those skills in place there is a greater opportunity for increased risk, tribunal claims and reputational damage to your business.

We believe that investing in your managers is key to future success and our development programmes reflect that and are designed to bring about real change. Invest in your leaders, motivate them and they will motivate the team in which they manage. Reduce risk – build resilience – increase reputation.

Post-integration programme

We have seen first-hand the challenge of businesses and their managers integrating and growing teams in a strategically aligned way following organisational integrations. These can progress slowly.

Our post-integration programmes are designed to address the possibility of increased risk and different cultures that lead to disengaged employees by investing in your managers' people management skills through engaging and enjoyable sessions to unify and enhance results across the board.

Wellness programme

The link between good health and productivity is increasingly recognised as a major factor in success. By educating employees on health and wellbeing strategies, we can help you to gain the competitive edge as your people improve their energy, productivity and overall wellbeing.

Our wellbeing programmes deliver practical, educational, fun and interactive sessions that are empowering and designed to bring about genuine positive change.

Why choose Foot Anstey

We make sure that your managers understand the law behind pragmatic situations, empowering your managers  to proactively deal with issues to prevent escalation and increase engagement.

Our experts do that by translating our legal knowledge into practical, pragmatic, innovative and enjoyable training programmes. Not only does this reduce risk and build resilience but it contributes to making your organisation the employer of choice. That’s because effective culture change programmes lead not only to upskilled managers, but ones who are motivated to learn more and carry their learning forward to let your business see the benefits.

Investing in your leaders goes hand in hand with protecting your business. Whatever you do to maximise staff protection will also reduce your exposure to legal claims and Foot Anstey employment programmes reduce legal claims to below 50% of the national average.

A business is nothing without its people – let us work with you in enabling your talent to reach their full potential.

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Our people

Joanne Boyle leads our cultural change programmes and has experience of working with a vast number of organisations wanting to invest in their leaders.  She has extensive advocacy experience and brings this to life with an innovative training style.

What our clients say

"After only going through half the course, I already feel like a capable and knowledgeable manager, able to handle any grievance or disciplinary that might come my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can't wait for the rest of the course!"

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