Ep. 4 The Power of Good: Affordable housing and social value

In our fourth episode, our experts explore how housing associations add social value and improve lived experiences.

Date Tuesday, 20 February 2024

The Power of Good, our new podcast series explores social value in its many forms - how it's created, why it's important and the sheer power of giving back to our communities and our planet.

Hosted by Legal Director, Anna Phillips & Senior Associate, Marina Leigh, this podcast is for anyone who is interested in the impact positive actions can have on the world around us and the people within it. Through discussing pivotal issues and listening to heart-warming stories, our new series highlights how the power of good should always be valued.  

What's in this episode?

In our fourth episode of the series, our experts discuss how housing associations add social value, highlighting the work Abri Group are doing to improve lived experiences.

Anna & Marina are joined by Legal Director, Lara Borrett-Lynch and Ben Earl, Head of Partnerships and Sustainability at Abri Group to answer some key questions including:

  • What projects are Abri involved in?
  • How are Abri putting sustainability first?
  • How do housing associations maintain a sustainability focus while balancing their available resources?
  • What are the benefits of retrofitting projects?
  • How are Abri working to protect biodiversity?

Podcast speakers

Guest Speaker

Head of Partnerships and Sustainability | Abri Group

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Ep. 4: Affordable housing and social value