Ep. 16 Experts in the field: SSSIs – what you need to know

In our latest podcast episode, our experts discuss the very topical subject of sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs), and the implications for landowners and occupiers.

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Date 16 May 2023

The Farms, Estates and Rural Land team at Foot Anstey bring you the next episode of the firm's popular podcast series which provides insights and practical advice on important issues for agriculture and rural business.

The first episode of our new season provides insights into the tensions that many landowners and occupiers face when ensuring that natural environment is conserved, enhanced and managed for the benefit of present and future generations whilst facing complex demands for sustainable food production, and the need to run a financially-viable business.

What's in this week's podcast?

Edward Venmore, Partner and Head of Farms, Estates and Danielle Spalding, Managing Associate are joined by Edward Humber, NFU County Adviser for Cornwall, and Hattie Severinsen, Environment and Land Use Adviser with the NFU.

During this podcast episode, they discuss a very current topic in Cornwall, sites of special scientific interest, commonly referred to as SSSI. A SSSI is the designation of an area of land that is, of special scientific interest for its flora, fauna, geological or features, such as wetlands, rivers, meadows, beaches and peat bogs. Users of land subject to SSSIs are restricted in what they can do to and, on the land, and must manage the land so as not to cause any damage to it.

We also discuss the impact of an SSSI on farmers and landowners with our experts, Edward Humber, NFU's County Adviser for Cornwall and Hattie Severinsen, NFU's Environment and Land Use Adviser suggesting some other ways in which land could be protected, other than through an SSSI.

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County Adviser for Cornwall | NFU

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Environment and Land Use Adviser | NFU

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Ep. 16 Experts in the field: SSSIs – what you need to know