Foot Anstey advise Pivot Power on new £1.6 billion EV and Storage scheme

Top 100 law firm Foot Anstey's sector-leading Energy team are advising Pivot Power on what is set to become the world’s largest battery and vehicle-charging network.

The £1.6 billion Pivot Power scheme will see an initial 45 rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging stations dotted across Britain. Each will be powered by 50MW batteries, connected directly to the transmission network.

The first five years of the programme will deliver, in effect, a 2GW boost to British power supplies as well as aiming to stimulate the uptake of electric vehicles by addressing "range anxiety."

Foot Anstey’s in-house Energy team is providing legal advice and also supported the programme with relationships it has developed over years in the green energy sector.

Foot Anstey’s Head of Energy Chris Pritchett said: “We’ve believed for a long time that the future of sustainable energy is in whole-system thinking and creating long-term, beneficial partnerships.

Stuart Cleak, an Energy Partner at Foot Anstey advises Pivot on all real estate matters and said: "National Grid and Pivot Power have really taken the initiative here to deal with concerns about range anxiety, and to provide stability and resilience to the Grid.”

The batteries will provide services directly to Grid while also feeding rapid charging stations capable of charging 100 EVs simultaneously via 100 150kW rapid chargers or 15MW of dedicated EV charging.

Pivot Power CEO, Matt Allen, said; "We're delighted to be working with Chris and Stuart and their team at Foot Anstey on this project. As well as being on top of their game in energy storage and EV infrastructure, they've been keen supporters of Become Energy and our wider vision for over 2 years now, and it's great to get the opportunity to engage them on a marquee project such as this. We look forward to a long-term partnership in driving the energy transition together."

This should be a massive catalyst to the switch away from fossil-fuel powered cars to a cleaner transport future. We're near the beginning of the journey, but feel like we’ve just pulled into the fast lane

Chris Pritchett, Head of Energy Foot Anstey