Our commitment to sustainability – over 550 trees planted last year

We recognise the importance of improving our business’ green credentials through reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, reducing business travel and ensuring we purchase products from sustainable and responsible suppliers wherever possible.

Gifting trees

As part of our commitment to sustainability, for Christmas in 2019 we gifted all our people a tree through Eforests. Together, we planted over 550 trees in 2020 with each tree being dedicated to one of our partners or employees.

Our people were given the opportunity to choose the tree they wished to see planted and in total we planted over 20 different types of tree including: Crab Apple, Goat Willow, Oak, Silver Birch and Wild Cherry.

The trees were planted in six different locations – also chosen by our people – including, Leswidden Forest Garden in Cornwall, St Ives Community Orchard in Cornwall, Maker Heights in Devon and Thameside Nature Park in the South East. 

We’re proud to have been able to plant so many trees with Eforests, an organisation which plants trees around the UK in community woodlands, nature reserves, community farms and urban areas.

More trees saved by recycling

One of our key objectives for improving the firm’s sustainability is to reduce our waste. We recycle all our confidential waste and last year our recycling alone saved 1149 trees.