Foot Anstey's Virtual Trainee offering

The Foot Anstey Virtual Trainee offering is an innovative scheme which sees each trainee aligned to a key firm client, sector or sector relationship, for the duration of their training contract. Trainees provide up to five hours per week of additional legal support, at no cost to the client, adopting the role of an in-house legal adviser, exposing the firm's Trainees to a wide variety of work.

The programme exemplifies Foot Anstey's sector-led approach, Trainees are given a wide range of clients to choose from and typically align themselves with one that fits within one of Foot Anstey's focus  sectors and is of particular interest.

This additional client exposure presents a significant opportunity to develop relationship-building skills and deepen a Trainees' sector, client and market insight. It also helps Trainees bolster their internal network, as they work collaboratively across the wider teams in the firm, an activity which aligns itself nicely to Foot Anstey's cross-team and sector approach.

Lauren Hickey, who has recently qualified within the firm's Private Equity team, was aligned to Farview Equity Partners for her Virtual Trainee placement. Farview is a private equity fund investing in growth-oriented technology companies in Europe, in the SaaS, business and information services and fintech markets. Farview looks to deploy between €15 to €50 million of equity capital.

Clients benefit not just from the provision of additional legal support, but from the flexible nature of the engagement. Samantha McGonigle, Farview Founder and Partner, found the scheme really helpful, as she was able to pass on ad hoc tasks such as contract reviews during particularly busy periods.

Foot Anstey

I was excited to have the opportunity to work with Samantha McGonigle and the in-house legal team at Farview. Before beginning my training contract, I spent two years as a Corporate paralegal assisting on private equity-backed transactions, so I knew that I wanted to further my involvement with the firm's Private Equity sector during my training contract,

As a virtual trainee for Farview, I was given a range of tasks, from reviewing commercial contracts to finance documents. This allowed me to build upon knowledge I gained during my seat rotations. I was given significant amounts of client contact. It was really interesting to learn about Farview's journey, and, for example, where they are looking to invest and how they support management teams.

Lauren Hickey Solicitor


The ability to use Lauren to support Farview on a variety of legal tasks was incredibly valuable. It afforded us the ability to leverage our team in a flexible, cost-efficient way and also to continue to build and broaden our relationship with Foot Anstey.

Samantha McGonigle Founder and Partner

For more information about the Foot Anstey Virtual Trainee scheme, please contact Susie Halliday [email protected] or Katie-Jane Rees [email protected].

For more information about the Foot Anstey Private Equity sector, please contact Matthew Stoate [email protected].

For more information about Farview Equity Partners, please contact Samantha McGonigle [email protected].