Foot Anstey enhances relationship with The Chancery Lane Project

The Developer team at national law firm, Foot Anstey LLP, has further enhanced its long-standing relationship with The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) through a secondment, which aims to bolster the TCLP's projects.

James Collard, Trainee Solicitor in Foot Anstey’s projects, infrastructure and construction team – is supporting delivery of TCLP's priority project outputs for Q4 in 2022. James will be assisting the TCLP team on all legalities of projects within Q4.

TCLP brings together legal professionals from around the world to create new, practical contractual clauses that are ready to incorporate into law firm precedents and commercial agreements to help deliver climate solutions.

James commented: "My secondment to TCLP is exciting as it allows me to build on my knowledge and offer practical legal advice to TCLP. Foot Anstey has enjoyed a very productive working relationship with TCLP and I am happy to be an essential part in helping to further the Project's priorities and further strengthen the partnership between the two organisations."

This is not the first time Foot Anstey has collaborated with TCLP, just a few months ago the Developer team at Foot Anstey worked in unison with TCLP to create its new climate clause, Madhavi.

The Madhavi clause adapts sustainable practices and net zero aligned provisions from TCLP’s construction clauses for use in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) contracts. The Foot Anstey team included Suriya Edwards (Managing Associate), Liam Henderson (Solicitor) and Colin Shear (Trainee Solicitor). Together, they were instrumental in working with TCLP to publish their first MMC net zero provision, working collaboratively with TCLP to provide the initial draft and further comments.

Suriya Edwards, Managing Associate at Foot Anstey, said: "We work incredibly closely with TCLP on a lot of projects and use its clauses when reviewing and creating contracts for clients in the sector. We have found the clauses to be incredibly useful. James is a great asset to the team, and he will no doubt make an impact at TCLP and help advance the projects TCLP is working on."

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