Do you need a brand watch notice?

One of the most valuable assets that belongs to a business is its brand or trading name. Brand owners need to protect their brands to ensure that consumers are not misled into believing that a third party’s goods or services originate from them, as this not only damages their brand but leads to lost sales.

It is best for the brand owner to tackle a third party using or intending to use a conflicting mark as early as possible and before the third party becomes attached to the mark. This requires a brand owner to have a trade mark watch service in place which alerts it to any new trade mark filings which conflict with its brand.

Who is watching your brand?

If you're a brand owner wishing to put in place an early warning system to notify you of any identical or similar trade mark applications to your brands, we encourage you to select an appropriate trade mark watching service. This will give you early notice of a conflicting application filed anywhere in the world, enabling you to take appropriate action to prevent the use and registration of the third party application.

Our Intellectual Property Team can deliver this brand watch service for you from as little as £100 (plus VAT) per month for each of your brands. As part of that service, we would review the daily trade mark alerts and notify you each week of any conflicting marks against your brand. This means you are well placed to take action early if a conflict arises.

Take action early

It is important to take action as early as possible before the third party invests heavily in the brand by launching it and/or marketing goods or services under it. The earlier action is taken the better as it is more likely a case can be resolved without the need for court action or opposition proceedings before the trade mark registry.

Want to know more?

Our Intellectual Property Team are available to help you with any questions you have regarding setting up a watch notice. Please get in touch with the contacts below or visit our Intellectual Property page.

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