Covid-19 recovery: Technology & Data implications for businesses

In a Short series of video Q&As Martin Cuell who leads our Technology team and Alexandra Leonidou who leads our Data, Privacy and Information Security team, discuss the impact of the pandemic from a tech and data perspective. In particular they focus on the emergence from lockdown and what the 'new normal' might mean from a technology and data perspective for the business community.

They explore a number of questions that relate to data and technology in the post-pandemic world and issues that might arise in terms of how we're interacting with other businesses, customers and our own employers.

Click through each video focusing on four key themes, or alternatively view the full discussion at the bottom of this page.

Part one

We explore what businesses may have overlooked in the rush to go digital or agile that they might need to revisit once they have the time and resource as well as a little more certainty about the future.

Part two

We look at how risk profiles may have changed for businesses that have moved staff to working from home and have moved consumer facing offerings online.

Part three

A discussion of the bigger picture and strategic issues for businesses to consider to make the most of the recovery period.

Part four

We conclude by disussing which sectors will really see a renaissance and innovation as a result of the pandemic and why.

The complete session

View the full discussion on technology & data implications for businesses in the ‘new normal’.

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