Settlement agreements

A settlement agreement brings the relationship between an employer and employee to an end through a legally-binding document covering both parties.

Claims of unfair dismissal, redundancy, breach of contract, equal pay and discrimination can all be settled through without prejudice negotiations which lead to both parties signing up to a settlement agreement.


It provides the employee with financial compensation in return for a compromise of the legal claims which the individual might have against their employer arising from their employment or its termination.


Employers may use settlement agreements when inviting their staff to consider voluntary redundancy severance packages or to manage the exit of a senior executive. An employee will be required to take their own independent legal advice on the terms and effect of a settlement agreement and the employer will normally make a contribution towards the legal fees for this advice.

How Foot Anstey can Support the Settlement Agreement Process

We understand that when considering and entering into a settlement agreement it is a difficult moment for all parties involved and our team approach each case in a reassuringly human way. We offer pragmatic and sensitive advice and know that it’s more than just a transaction – It’s history, pressure and reputation and we are there to navigate you through all angles.

For employees and employers alike, we ensure that you are supported throughout what is an uncertain and challenging time. Our experience in acting and advising on negotiated exits, severance packages or offering a service for multiple employees means we know how to look after people in the right way while negotiating the best deal for you.

We are able to manage the different dynamics involved in a way that puts the focus on the solution and supporting you to get through to the ultimate aim of a satisfactory arrangement bringing your relationship to an amicable close.

Urgent advice

In addition to our experience and understanding, the systems we have in place also mean we can get out urgent advice quickly and remotely, which ensures we turn around agreements quickly.

Our people

With four lead partners and other senior lawyers who have dealt with settlement agreement negotiations, the team size and breadth of experience in this area is significant in acting for both employees and employers. We offer UK-wide coverage and ensure that you have a dedicated lawyer from start to finish for a responsive and efficient end-to-end process.

What our clients say

"I can't thank you enough for getting me through this. I have felt so bolstered by your support not just in reaching this settlement but feeling able to move on with my life."

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