Ep. 14 Experts in the Field: Regener8 – solar opportunities for landowners

This podcast episode considers the use of Agrivoltaic technology (Agri-PV).

Date Wednesday, 16 November 2022

The Farms, Estates and Rural Land team at Foot Anstey bring you the next episode of the firm's popular podcast series which provides insights and practical advice on important issues for agriculture and rural business.

Episode 14 considers the use of Agrivoltaic technology (Agri-PV). Agri-PV is the simultaneous use of land for solar farming and agriculture and the opportunities available to landowners to make the most use of their land for sustainable power generation and agricultural production. The experts discuss the methods and benefits of Agri-PV production.

What's in this week's podcast?

Edward Venmore, Partner and Head of Farms, Estates and Rural land, Kutahya Cherry, Managing Associate, are joined by Jason Lenthall, Group Business Development Director at Regener8 Power.

In this weeks' episode they discuss the strategic placement of transparent solar panels to maximise efficiency of land use. Following this, they examine themes of recent government policy announcements.

They then consider planning regulations and the legal process of setting up solar farm projects, as well as adaptation in response to climate change and water supply and the diversification of farmland use to improve revenues for farmers, landowners and the local community.

Podcast speakers

Guest Speaker

Global Business Development Director | Regener8 Power

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Ep. 14: Regener8 – solar opportunities for landowners