Tomorrow is Now. A panel discussion.

Chris Pritchett, head of our Energy team, is a guest speaker at the Hitachi ABB Tomorrow is Now event on 24 November. This will be a panel discussion to mark the one-year countdown to COP26 and the transition to Net Zero.

Date & Time 2pm | Tuesday 24 November 2020

Location Online

The transition of transport to net zero is one of the most significant changes required in modern times. We have clear imperative science to explain why and how much needs to change. Society is more aware and involved than ever. Business are demanding it. And, most critically, we have the technologies to make it happen. So now what?

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) has moved to 2021, but we can take action now. To mark the one-year countdown to COP26, Hitachi ABB have put together a panel of experts that span the transport and energy sectors to discuss how to navigate the transition to net zero.

Join the live panel discussion and get engaged in the Q&A as they consider the possibilities for achieving a cleaner, more reliable, integrated transport system that delivers essential change for society, the economy, and the planet. Key talking points will include:

  • Efficient investment: addressing the green recovery, government support (policy, regulation, investment) and addressing least-regret investment vs. investment ahead of need to achieve net zero
  • Reliable, efficient, adaptable: systemic / holistic multi-modal transport systems rely upon smart data as well as smart energy systems
  • Sustainable and agile: the rate of change of technology brings great challenges—and even greater opportunities

For more information on the Hitachi ABB event and panel speakers, including Chris Pritchett, view the registration page