The Future of Residential Development: Post Pandemic Predictions

The past few months have accelerated existing trends and have given licence to ask big questions on developments which we’d not dared to consider before.

Date & Time 7 July 2020 | Recording available

Location Online

In this webinar, which took place on Tuesday 7 July, Foot Anstey and WSP discussed what the pandemic means for residential development and how it will change what people want out of their living spaces - and the knock-on effect looking at five years from today.

  • Agenda
  • What’s the future market size?
  • What becomes important for homeowners?
  • How will we travel in the future?
  • What does this all do to development viability?

This webinar is now available on-demand. If you have any queries please contact us.


David Symons, WSP

Guest Speaker

David Symons leads WSP's Future Ready programme. Future Ready is WSP's flagship innovation and sustainability programme – seeing the future more clearly and working with our clients to design to this future as well as today’s needs and codes. David is an internationally respected consultant. He is the 2020 Environmental Professional of the Year for the Society for the Environment and was’s Leader of The Year.

Megan Carter, Portsmouth City Council

Guest Speaker

Megan is Senior Regeneration Manager for Portsmouth City Council and currently programme manager of the Tipner West Regeneration for just over a year. She has a strong background in programme management in local authorities.