Space Sector Investment and Development Plans

We are delighted to sponsor this Built Environment Networking webinar which will look at exciting future plans across the space sector and how Cornwall will be playing a central role in the future of the global space sector.

Space Satellite

Date & Time 09:15 - 12:45 | Monday 27 June 2022

Location Online

As sponsors of the Built Environment Networking Space Sector Investment and Development Plans webinar we can't wait to get involved in what is sure to be an insightful and interesting event. John Catchpole, partner, chairs the first session on 'What Next For the UK Space Sector?' where an expert panel of space sector leaders explore the future of the nation’s space ambitions.

Event Details

In February 2022, the UK Government set out its ambition to be a meaningful player in the UK space sector via the Defence Space Strategy (DSS). The DSS announced an investment of an extra £1.4bn in the space industry, in addition to the £5bn already committed to the next generation of Skynet military satellite communications.

The DSS investment will play a key role in stimulating innovation, commercialisation, and growth across the sector. From connecting people with friends and family, to climate monitoring and helping farmers manage their crops, the space sector is pivotal to our daily lives. The UK is set to become the first country to launch a rocket into orbit from Europe in 2022, and the Government is looking to strengthen the multi-billion pound space industry for further missions in the future.

This webinar will bring together industry experts, leading developers, and investors to share plans and insight into UK’s most exciting space projects.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Invest North East’s Space Sector Developments
  • UK Government’s investment in space clusters
  • €95.5bn Horizon Europe programme.
  • €302.6m European space programme investment
  • Spaceport Cornwall’s Historic 2022 Launch
  • Harwell Science and Innovation Campus’ Masterplan
  • Fusion Rocket Technology Update
  • Government-funded HET Plasma Satellite Engines
  • Skyrora XL rocket launch ambitions
  • And much more

You can find out more about the event, see the full agenda and book tickets for this free webinar on the Built Environment Networking event page.