Modern Methods of Construction: Trends and Transformation

This webinar, brought to you by the Bristol Brownfield Group, provided an update on the trends and transformations being brought to the construction industry by MMC.

Date & Time Sunday, 3 January 2021

Location Recording available

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and the innovative construction practices that it introduces allow project briefs to be realised like never before. Its transformative narrative that it introduces into construction is captured in the second webinar (25 March) of the Bristol Brownfield Group's online series.

The Bristol Brownfield Group (comprising of Alder King, Arup and Foot Anstey) collaborate with industry stakeholders to showcase some of those trends and transformations through concrete examples. These are the success stories.

The webinar also provided an overview of the Constructing Modern Methods (CMM) digital toolkit that allows users to understand which modular construction systems, organisations and performance options will best suit a project.

Speakers included:

  • Bristol Housing Festival - Lisa Saunders
  • Forta PRO - Aviv Brosilovski
  • Modomo - John Baker
  • Legal & General Modular Homes - James Reed

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