Futureproof your sites for zero emission transport webinar

Join our Mobility team as they discuss Procurement, Planning and Partnerships: Navigating a pathway towards electrification for housing developers.


Date & Time 10 June 2021 | Recording available

Location Online

Procurement, Planning and Partnerships: Navigating a pathway towards electrification

The climate emergency and call for clean air zones is a driving force for improved mobility options in the residential and retail sectors. Solutions such as robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure and improved cycle networks and hire schemes, can go a long way to helping reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in our urban and rural areas. A huge responsibility is being placed onto Housing Developers through the planning process to help meet these needs.

During this session we provided an overview of the current planning processes, electrification and mobility related insight from other regions of the UK and reviewed some of the infrastructure and technology available.

Foot Anstey’s mobility team are well connected in the market through our involvement in policy and local government which means we can provide you with invaluable insight on sustainable transport policy, EV charging infrastructure, wider mobility planning and the delivery of electrification projects.

The Energy and Infrastructure team strengths and focus are in project development, funding and M&A, data and tech, energy storage, mobility infrastructure and policy and planning. We work collaboratively with public and private sector organisations making us well-placed to make introductions to funders, developers, operators within local authorities.

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