Energy Data and the Supply Chain webinar series

BEAMA and Foot Anstey ran a four-part webinar series that focuses on energy data and the supply chain. Follow up events to come in 2021.

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Generation, communication and use of Open Energy Data are in their early stages. What can the supply chain offer to this process? And how do we get the supply chain’s input accepted?

BEAMA and Foot Anstey were delighted to run a four-part fortnightly webinar series in late 2020 that focused on energy data and the supply chain.

With guest speakers and interactive discussion we explored the importance of energy data, the role it can play in system improvements, and how we can maximise its benefits for consumers.

Look out for more details on the next webinars coming in 2021.

Who would be interested in this series?

  • Manufacturers and providers of energy smart appliances, energy data services, data management services, platforms or software, or any other data product
  • Members of the energy and utilities sector engaged in delivering or supporting a modern, digitalised energy system (and we hope that is all of you)


If you missed the live sessions you can resister to watch the recordings now.

Session one: Open Energy Data: The Big Picture

  • In the first session of the series we explored questions that will set the scene for the series and influence future themes.
  • Guest speakers:
  • Laura Sandys CBE, Challenging Ideas
  • Rich Hampshire, CGI
  • Rodolphe de Beaufort, Gimelec

Watch recording - session one

Session two: Data Platforms

  • We discussed the opportunities and challenges for providers and users of data software platforms.
  • Guest speakers:
  • Dr Madeleine Morris, Grantham Institute
  • Marc Bartlett, ElectraLink

Watch recording - session two

Session three: The Data 

  • We discussed the data itself: what is required, and in what forms; who will use it what they will use it for? Essential questions for any company seeking to generate, manage or use energy data in this emerging market.
  • Guest speakers
    • Erwin Schultz, IBM
    • Alastair Martin, Flexitricity

Watch recording - session three

Session four: Maximising the value of data

  • In this session we discussed how to maximise the benefits of energy data. How data is essential to a smooth energy system, how can the energy sector harness its value and what roles does each part of the sector play and how do we work together?
  • Guest speakers:
  • Maxine Frerk, Grid Edge Policy
  • Dr Jeff Hardy, Imperial College London
  • Stewart Reid, Future Networks, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Watch recording - session four

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